Cyprus contemplates the ratification of the Convention of Constantinople

Cyprus contemplates the ratification of the Convention of Constantinople


Review Hari Stefanatos

The Republic of Cyprus is seriously considering joining the Convention of the Council of Europe on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, which covers the triptych Prevention, Suppression and Protection on all forms of violence against women, arguing that this can contribute positively to the government’s effort to improve and modernise the legislation and policies that apply to Cyprus, said the Minister of Justice and Public order Ionas Nicolaou in his opening speech at the event organized by the Department of Women Workers TEC on domestic violence.

Nicholas added that at EU level, the Convention was opened for signing in 2011 in Istanbul.

As stated by the Minister of Justice in Europe, one in five women experiences physical violence at least once during their adult life, one in ten sexual violence, while one in five women experienced domestic violence, which is one of the main causes of death.

The Constantinople Agreement is an important, binding, international instrument, the first of its kind, which can contribute substantially to the development of a comprehensive legal framework and policies for the protection and empowerment of victims of all forms of violence against women, promoting international cooperation to effectively combat and punish the those responsible.

The accession of Cyprus to the Convention is addressed by the government in all seriousness and studied at the Ministerial Committee for Equality between Men and Women, with the participation of five competent Ministers, which appointed a special technical committee to prepare a detailed report, Nicholaou said, adding that the report has recently been completed and delivered to the Commission for evaluation.

He also said that the Ministry of Justice and Public Order has already progressed in implementing the measures and policies that fall within its jurisdiction, in order to align with the provisions laid down in the Convention.