Cyprus as a part in the new defense architecture of Europe

Cyprus as a part in the new defense architecture of Europe

The informal meeting of ministers for foreign affairs (Gymnich) that was held in Tallinn, Estonia has concluded its proceedings earlier today.

Cyprus was represented by the Minister of Defence, Christoforos Fokaides, replacing the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

North Korea and the peace process in the Middle East were the main issues on the agenda of discussion. Issues related to the prevention and tackling of extremist violence were also discussed with the participation of the candidate countries.

On September 7th, 2017, Defence Minister participated in the informal meeting of the defence ministers held in Tallinn, Estonia, where the framework for the permanent structured cooperation (PESCO) was set.

Minister Fokaides reiterated Cyprus’s political will to participate in the new security and defense architecture in the EU and to contribute to the promotion of the common European interests, particularly through Cyprus’s role has as a pillar of security and stability in the southeastern region of Europe.

During the informal meeting, the first European Union strategic cyber training exercise EU CYBRID 2017 took place, during which the defence ministers engaged in a cyber-attack scenario. A policy guideline was discussed in the event of a cyber-attack against Europe’s military structures./IBNA