Cypriot Government Spokesman: Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean will not affect Cypru’s internal affairs

Cypriot Government Spokesman: Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean will not affect Cypru’s internal affairs

Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean will not affect Cyprus’ internal affairs; Cyprus is not worried about any retaliation, said Cypriot Government Spokesman Kyriakos Kousios, commenting on the latest developments and tensions recorded in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Speaking to reporters during an event for children with special needs that took place in Alassa, Limassol, to a question regarding how concerned Cyprus is with the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean following recent events, the Spokesman stressed that “this constitutes a development that further aggravates the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is an occurrence which I do not think will affect Cyprus’s internal affairs. Cyprus is not worried about any retaliation.

However, as you already know, the Chief of Police has given instructions for increased measures, especially for areas that touch upon the interests of some foreign countries that could possibly become targets of reprisals.

Cyprus is not concerned at all about any measures that might be adopted in retaliation”.

Called to comment on the Turkish-Cypriot leader’s claims that the EastMed Agreement is not a positive development on the issue of resuming talks, the Spokesman replied that “the President of the Republic has repeatedly confirmed that we are ready to launch discussions at any time, in order to resolve the Cyprus issue.

He stated it during the trilateral meeting in Berlin, but he has repeated it since various time. We reaffirm our willingness and readiness to resume talks in order to provide a solution to the Cyprus issue.

I would like to point out that the signing of the tripartite agreement on EastMed not only does not target anyone, but on the contrary we believe that it can contribute to the preservation of stability and peace in the region. At the same time, any country wishing to participate in EastMed Act is welcome to do so. The three leaders made all those points clear when they signed the transnational agreement, and we are just repeating them”.

To a question regarding whether any steps are being taken by the Government to resume talks on the Cyprus issue, the Spokesman responded that “at this stage, unfortunately we have to wait. As you know, the other side is not ready for the talks to resume. We have to wait until spring and hope that after the election of the new Turkish-Cypriot leader we will be able to move on to the next steps to convene a five-party session and then a discussion, you understand, to resolve the Cyprus issue”.

When asked what we could expect regarding the energy affairs, the Spokesman stated that “as Minister of Energy George Lakkotrypis has said, new drilling operations are expected to be carried out over the next months. We will see the first results within the first half of the year, which we will announce immediately.

At this stage, we had a special discussion with the Israeli delegation and the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself on the issue of the Aphrodite gas field, and in the next two to three weeks a proposal will be sent to us by the Israeli Ministry of Energy; we believe that we will have no problems in exploiting the Aphrodite gas field”.

On the issue of the 19-year-old British woman, the Spokesman recalled his previous statement back on 31 December 2019, adding that “the Government has not, in any way, intervened or interfered in the administration of justice. It would not be right for the Government to intervene in any way. It would mean that we do not recognize and respect the separation of powers. It would mean that we have a Government that intervenes and maybe guides or even hamstrings our courts. This is not the case. We have full confidence in our courts; we have full confidence in the administration of justice by our courts. Apart from that, no decision has been taken and the matter will not be discussed until a court decision is issued.

When we get the court ruling, if the Government is called to think about something or make any decisions, I assure you that it will go through with it”.

To a question regarding whether the UK Government has contacted the Cypriot Government on the matter, the Spokesman replied “no. There was no official contact with the British Government apart from the statement issued by the head of the (British) Foreign Office”. /ibna