Cypriot and Greek shoppers' Black Friday frenzy

Cypriot and Greek shoppers' Black Friday frenzy
Indeed, one could say it is a crazy day, shopping wise, both in Cyprus and Greece, as consumers flocked to major markets and stores such as the ones of Nicosi, Athens and Thessaloniki, so as not to miss today's promotional deals.

The bargains of the day have lured thousands across Greece and on the island of Cyprus. Many of the Greek customers are saying they are particularly pleased with this year's Black Friday offers and decreased prises.

As for Cyprus, reports that "At the Mall of Cyprus, in Nicosia, hundreds of shoppers lined up outside Public eager to find bargains on electronics. Consumers rushed in as soon as the doors opened at 8am, crowding every corner of the shop."

Black Friday was initiated in 1952, in the U.S. due to "the shopkeepers balance sheets turned black (positive) from red (loss)" thanks to the opening of the Christmas (shopping) season. It is the day immediately after the celebration of Thanksgiving in the States, always on the fourth Thursday of November.../IBNA

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