Curuvia’s murder remains unsolved

Curuvia’s murder remains unsolved

Belgrade, April 11, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Milos Mitrovic

Serbian journalists associations, colleagues and friends paid today their respect to Slavko Curuvija, a journalist and owner of Dnevni telegraf daily, who was killed on April 11 1999. They laid wreaths at the place where he was assassinated, near his home, in downtown Belgrade. In 2014 two people were arrested and two others named by the police as suspects in Curuvija’s murder, including former head of Serbian secret service. However, the killing still remains unsolved.

Vukasin Obradovic, president of the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia, said that he was not satisfied over the methods and dynamics of the ongoing murder trial. “We hope that the trial will give the answer to the question who instructed the murder of Slavko Curuvija, besides the answer to who shot him. Without this, the murder will remain unsolved”, Obradovic stressed.

The head of Journalist’s Association of Serbia Ljiljana Smajlovic said that she has a personal obligation to Curuvija because in his newspapers she could write what she meant and what she believed in.

Culture and Information minister Ivan Tasovac claimed that the punishing of the perpetrators and revealing the political background of the killing is the priority of his ministry and the government.

Branka Prpa, Curuvija’s spouse, said that she, as a witness, cannot comment the trial. “What is obvious is that the whole manipulative complex of para-state institutions is being revealed as well as the totalitarian state security service which is the political police that operate in the interest of the current political elites whatever they may be; we have to dismantle this for the sake of the future”, Branka Prpa said.

“We would like to see the more tangible results”, Veran Matic, president of the commission investigating the murders of journalists said, commenting the trial on Curuvija’s assassination.