Croatia’s Interior Minister speaks of 3200 illegal crossings into Croatia in 2018

Croatia’s Interior Minister speaks of 3200 illegal crossings into Croatia in 2018

Davor Božinović, Croatia’s Interior Minister spoke of the migrants Croatia is hosting and the illegal border crossings registered in 2018, clarifying that they are not 8 000 as Bosnia and Harzegovina says.

He noted that a total of 3 200 people crossed illegally into Croatia, including the border with Serbia and although police forces are “stopping migrants at the border”, HRT reads, there are some smugglers who manage it better than others so they are still in business despite the fact they are being monitored by authorities.

Božinović said that “This year we have seen a 26% increase in the number of illegal crossings, which means a total of around 3200 people, but along the entire border because a significant portion is at the border with Serbia. Croatian police are doing their job in accordance with the law, and European Schengen regulations. They do not allow illegal migration or illegal entry into the Republic of Croatia. We respect our laws and everything that we do, we do with an aim to strengthen public order, peace, security and protection of order for all citizens of the Republic of Croatia and for all guests in the Republic of Croatia.”

Speaking of how he believes the crisis should be better tackled, the minister stressed that “The only way to decrease the flow of migrants along the route from Greece across Albania and Bosnia is via diplomatic channels and EU institutions, and that is what we are doing.”

Lastly, referring to who these people are, Božinović explained that “Most of these illegal migrants are economic migrants, not refugees needing a safe haven, and if everyone does their job along that route, the pressure on the borders will be reduced.”…. / IBNA