Croatians in love with Scandinavian writers

Croatians in love with Scandinavian writers


By Natasa Radic – Zagreb

At the recently held Noir Festival, which hosts the world’s writer stars that dominate the global top bestseller lists, one author had an extraordinary huge audience in Zagreb Kaptol Center, where the literary critic Mima Simic had a public interview with him. His name is Jo Nesbo, Norwegian crime novel writer, whose novel “The Snowman” has been sold out in Croatia. Perhaps the secret relationship between the famous Norwegian and readers in Croatia can be found in the fact that in his novel “The Savior” main character is a Vukovar defender during the Homeland war.

The large audience gathered at the Noir Festival in Zagreb Kaptol Center got the chance to find out more about the famous writer. Nesbo has revealed details starting from his youth when he was a passionate football fan, to his very personal and intimate attitude on Oslo – the only city in Norway that he metaphorically calls Batman’s Gotham City, scarier version of New York.

One of the most famous authors in the world of mysteries, presented to the Croatian audience his novel “The Snowman”, and in conversation with literary critic Simic, he revealed that he actually does not understand his main character and hero – Harry Hole.

Nesbo is not the first Scandinavian writer who has won the hearts of Croatian audience. The planetary success of the trilogy, “Millennium” of Swede Stieg Larrson happened in Croatia too, as well as reading frenzy sparked by the trilogy. Publishing house “Fraktura” who published his books had announced a competition for the best amateur review of Larrson’s novels, and the winner has been awarded with a two-day trip for two to Stockholm and tourist visits to all the places mentioned in the novel “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Others who were rewarded received consolation prizes – Larrson’s books.

During the Festival of Books in Zagreb in April another Swedish author was presented. This time, it was the winner of the Swedish Academy of thriller writers Anders de la Motte, who tells the story of the world of social networks, as well as the criminal games. Anders de la Motte is a former police officer, and for the presentation of the book, he had a collegue host – a Croatian policeman – Krunoslav Borovec.