Croatian Armed Forces set up tents at the backyard of Dubrava hospital in Zagreb

Croatian Armed Forces set up tents at the backyard of Dubrava hospital in Zagreb

The Croatian Armed Forces on Thursday began erecting tents for a medical camp outside the Dubrava hospital in Zagreb with a capacity of 270 beds to accommodate infected patients. The camp is expected to be completed by Saturday.

Major General Mladen Fuzul explained the purpose of the expedition camp.

“The camp will serve for accommodation and will be able to accommodate 200 people. The camp can be self-sufficient but, in agreement with the Health Ministry, we decided that for now, it will serve as an accommodation facility”, Fuzul wxplained.

A self-sufficient expedition camp can accommodate 300 soldiers during the war, but also peacetime operations in extreme conditions. They are also intended for civilian use during humanitarian disasters.

According to a Ministry of Defence statement, pursuant to a request by the Health Ministry and a government decision, the Croatian army, as part of the Security System, will provide support to the Health Ministry by securing additional accommodation facilities for patients.

“The government’s decision was made in accordance with the need to implement measures to protect citizens during the COVID-19 epidemic and to ensure appropriate health protection to infected patients as part of the intensive care centre at the Dubrava hospital in Zagreb”, the Ministry added.

Another measure in Croatia’s battle against coronavirus is that the Police will be patrolling more often, urging the need to stop large public gatherings.

“We will intensify controls over the implementation of the measures. The police will patrol more often, especially in places where greater number of citizens gather and will stop these kinds of gatherings”, Croatian Minister of the Interior and Head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Davor Božinović said.

He added that the National Headquarters are “likely to introduce supplementary measures” that will address the risk of the spread of the virus.

“This applies to children’s playgrounds and other gatherings. We must also take a clearer view of funerals and weddings. We will have to find a measure to regulate them in this situation”, Minister said./ibna