Croatia: What to expect of the tourist season?

Croatia: What to expect of the tourist season?

Due to coronavirus situation, nobody in Croatia expects that the tourist season would be on the level of previous years. But at the moment nobody can estimate what it will look like.

Unofficially, less than 200 tourists are currently being accommodated in 38 hotels in the country. The Glas poduzetnika Association (the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association) presented recently the survey findings.

According to the Association: How will the 2020 season play out? is a question for many in the tourism sector, but also for those who are not directly related to it, given there will be many indirect consequences. Following the survey on the usefulness and expectations that entrepreneurs (especially in the field of tourism) have from tourist boards, the Association was interested in further exploring this topic. Expectations for the season are “undoubtedly poor”, and it seems that tourist boards will not be able to provide significant help. The Association examined what is currently happening with tourist accommodation lessors and their bookings? Here are the results:

56% of lessors sustained a considerable drop in reservations or sales of their accommodation capacities. 4% of them stated that they had a medium-size decline with the beginning of April. Somewhat reassuringly, about 16%, fortunately, counts only a slight decrease in the number of bookings or sales for their accommodation capacities. Unfortunately, another 21% reported a large number of cancellations for existing reservations or previously sold arrangements. Only slightly less than 3% of participants said that there is no decrease in the number of bookings, or that it is minimal.

“This is yet another confirmation that we will have a challenging tourist season, and especially for all those categories that will not be able to realize new income until the season 2021, which is now also difficult to predict. Given the size of this sector, we should certainly think carefully about additional intervention options to avoid a domino effect that would cause even more damage”, warned the Association./ibna