Croatia: Tourism needs help, says Tourism Minister

Croatia: Tourism needs help, says Tourism Minister

Croatian Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac said during a guest appearance on the Croatian Radio show “A sada Vlada” that tourism should receive the largest amount of assistance at this time, as it has been affected the most by the current situation.

“What is important for tourism is mobility and open borders, and we all know what is happening with the travel industry. We are coming to the department in which we need to work the most now and to those who are related to the tourism sector the most,” she said.

She pointed out that the Government has so far allocated 10 billion kuna to preserve jobs, which includes 630 thousand workers from 107 thousand companies.

“The government has shown that the most important thing is to preserve jobs and liquidity. The situation is not easy and it was not easy for anyone to take these measures. The struggle of juggling the preservation of the health and economic system is always evident. The easing of measures depends on the epidemiological situation. It is not good so far, but we should wait,” she said.

Brnjac pointed out that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports held constructive meetings with representatives from the catering industry and everyone is aware of the situation.

“We have included other activities in the talks, not only caterers, but also those related to that area. Gyms, sports activities and organizers of gambling games, they were all included in the bundle of measures. The catering representative’s proposal has two directions. We tried to make it as fair as possible for all these activities and to be included in the existing measures. Fixed cost coverage is well calculated,” she said.

She said travel agencies are in an extremely doomy situation.

“It is important that they are included in the program of preserving jobs, and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports is preparing state support of 1.5 billion kuna, which will refer to the mentioned activities,” she added.

They also talked about investments in the tourism sector. “Investments are more anemic than they used to be,” Brnjac said.

The tourism sector has been assisted into preparing for the season through measures and has proven to be innovative and flexible.

“It proved to be a department where everyone adhered to epidemiological measures, and this was a factor that enabled Croatia to become a safe destination,” Brnjac noted.

She said that, during this season, the need for high-quality accommodation facilities became evident, and that not a single person was infected in the hotels, as all measures and standards were respected. /ibna