“Croatia to have some role concerning Kosovo army”

“Croatia to have some role concerning Kosovo army”

Croatia will not directly engage in the formation of the Kosovo army – as has been announced by candidate for Kosovo PM Alibin Kurti, writes Vecernje Novosti.

However, the daily – that refers to Kurti as “the leader of the Self-Determination” – adds that it learned from “well-informed military and political circles in Zagreb” that if the West gives green light to Pristina to transform the Kosovo Security Forces into armed forces, Croatia “will provide assistance first in military training.”

The same sources stated that Croatia was “aware of the sensitivity of the topic” and that the country “does not intend to interfere in the relationship between Belgrade and Pristina.” It is also said that Zagreb will wait and see what will be happening in the region before making “the official decision.”

“In principle, military cooperation is not ruled out, but it is out of the question for Croatia to stand out in any sense,” Novosti reported, citing an unnamed military expert.

The daily’s interlocutor also stated that “everything will be as before,” and that the Croatian army “will open the door for training soldiers from Kosovo, and will occasionally organize some military exercises.”

In that sense, Croatia should finance the training of Kosovo soldiers, and the precondition for this, writes Vecernje Novosti, is that they can “speak Croatian.” In addition – Pristina’s acquisition of Croatian military equipment is also being discussed, according to the source.

Speaking last week, Alibin Kurti said that his government would form an army in Kosovo “in partnership with Albania and Croatia.”/IBNA

Source: B92