Croatia-Slovenia: 2018 and the dispute goes on

Croatia-Slovenia: 2018 and the dispute goes on

The two former Yugoslav republics have been at loggerheads for years over the Piran Gulf dispute but as BIRN puts it, the strong political disagreement “risks going up another notch after Croatian police offered to accompany Croatian fishermen in the waters of the Piran Gulf and ward off any Slovenian attempts to issue them with penalty notices.”

Though Croatia has turned its back on the official arbitration court ruling, the country’s fishermen have demanded the intervention of the state when meeting, on Thursday (January 4), in Zagreb, the Agriculture Minister, Tomislav Tolusic and officials of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and Justice ministries.

This meeting was held because on December 29, Slovenian police -as Ljubljana had announced prior to the date above- began with the implementation of the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling that regards the case in question and which had been issued half a year ago. According to the ruling, nearly 80% of disputed water was awarded to Slovenia, “granting Slovenia also a 2.5-nautical-mile-wide maritime corridor towards international waters.”

It is important to note that Zagreb had decided to quit the process it had agreed to go through together with the other side, because Croats do not find the ruling satisfying and just…/IBNA