Croatia: Pupovac calls for the “war book to be closed”

Croatia: Pupovac calls for the “war book to be closed”

A commemoration of the Serbian civilian victims of Operation “Storm” carried out by the Croatian army and police was organized today in Uzdolje near Knin.

The president of the Serb National Council of Croatia, Milorad Pupovac, said at the commemoration that civilians were brutally killed in this place on this day 25 years ago, and that “anyone who thinks that the state can be an excuse for such crimes is gravely mistaken”.

“Everyone who thinks that freedom can be built by leaving that kind of traces behind is wrong, and even more wrong is anyone who thinks that peace in the country can be achieved if such suffering is ignored and empathy is not shown”, Pupovac stressed.

Stating that some people think that “great things justify such an act”, Pupovac pointed out that they had gathered in Uzdolje today to prove that such a belief was not true.

“We gathered here today to witness the condemnation of this crime, for the competent institutions to determine who committed it. We will gather with another goal – that the victims stop being a reason for hatred”, Pupovac noted.

He stressed that they would continue to gather in the best faith, firmly believing that, while respecting the suffering of Croats and Serbs, a society of peace will be created in which the war book will be closed, and people will be able to turn to the future.

Pupovac announced that marches in memory of the innocent civilian victims would be held in the coming days in many places in the wider area of Knin and Dalmatia, with the aim of not forgetting these crimes, condemning them and building peace between Croats and Serbs.

The commemoration in Uzdolje was organized by the Council of the Serb National Minority of the Municipality of Biskupija. /ibna