Croatia: Prime Minister rejects initiative to remove health minister

Croatia: Prime Minister rejects initiative to remove health minister

The Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, and the Minister of Health, Vili Beroš, participated today in the Croatian Parliament in the debate on the issue of trust in the Minister of Health, which was initiated by the opposition deputies.

In his introductory address, Prime Minister Plenković pointed out that this was an initiative of a group of opposition MPs from several parties, given that the signatures of the SDP, Glas, Možemo, Most, and the Homeland Movement had been collected.

“We completely reject your initiative and we have elaborated that in the written opinion of the Government, which responded very precisely and with arguments to all allegations in this initiative,” he said.

He stressed that it is important for the Croatian public in this context to note that Croatia, like the whole world, has been facing the biggest global crisis in the past hundred years, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that affected health systems, on the health of citizens, on the economy, on finances, on social life, production, GDP and jobs – literally every aspect of our lives.

“In that process, we had, in political terms, two groups of actors. The first group of actors was the parliamentary majority and the government that fought for Croatian citizens, for health security, that fought against Covid-19, that fought to preserve jobs, that fought for financial stability, to ensure the maximum of the tourist season last year and create preconditions for a new one, and which fought to maintain the investment credit rating and provide money for Croatia’s development in the next ten years.

The second group of actors, which can practically include the signatories of this initiative, belongs to those who first spent several weeks and months dealing with the Constitutional and legal basis of the Headquarters and everything we needed to do to protect the health of citizens. Then some, associated with you, said that Covid-19 was like caries or possibly some kind of flu. Then the initiatives started, spontaneous, unprovoked, a picture from the hospitals whether there is enough protective equipment. And later initiatives on the work of the Headquarters”, he stated, illustrating, as he said, the huge difference between those two groups of actors, which can be seen even today.

He added that the Croatian people see this difference, which they showed in the recent local elections.

“Minister Beroš will be a minister in the Government and will continue to fight, together with the entire team,” Plenković concluded.