Croatia: President vs Government – 0:1

Croatia: President vs Government – 0:1

Croatian Health Minister Vili Beroš clapped back at Croatian President Zoran Milanović’s critical remarks, stating that he was not a legal expert, but that it had been stated many times that the functioning of the Crisis Headquarters and its decisions were in line with the Constitution and Article 16, which states that freedoms and rights may be restricted in cases where it is deemed necessary to protect legal order, public morals or the health of Croatian citizens.

“We have a special law, the Law on the Protection of Citizens from Infectious Diseases, which is activated in such situations of an epidemic. When the previous law was drafted, there was no knowledge of the pandemic, and therefore it was amended in the Croatian Parliament and harmonized with the new situation. The law envisages the functioning of the Crisis Headquarters. I am of the opinion that all decisions are based on assessments by experts, that they are constitutional and that everything was done with the aim of protecting the health and life of citizens”, said Beroš.

Earlier, Croatian President Zoran Milanović reiterated his position that the situation with coronavirus had turned into a state of emergency, yet declaring a state of emergency was not in line with the Constitution.

“If such a decision was to be made, I cannot see the role of the president, but that of the government and parliament. I can’t say more than that, because I will become violent”, Milanović said.

He reiterated his position that the National Civil Protection Headquarters was not legally established and that it needed a power of attorney for the decisions it made, in which the Parliament should play a key role.

“I warned the prime minister that people will sue the state because the decisions are not legally based. That headquarters operates as a para-body. The Constitutional Court will have to rule on that”, said President Milanovic. /ibna