Croatia: Parliamentary elections scheduled for July 5

Croatia: Parliamentary elections scheduled for July 5

The parliamentary election in Croatia will be held on July 5, President Zoran Milanović decided on Wednesday.

The election for the tenth parliament will be held on July 5 in Croatia and on July 4 and 5 abroad, in Croatia’s diplomatic and consular offices.

The decision on the election takes effect on June 2. Parties and independent slates and candidates will then have 14 days to submit their slates to the State Election Commission (DIP), which then has 48 hours to publish the list of valid slates and candidates, whereby official electioneering begins.

Although Croatia has few new COVID-19 cases per day and a good epidemiological situation, the July election, because of the epidemic, will be held somewhat differently than all previous elections. DIP will define how the vote will take place together with the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Voters will elect 151 MPs, of whom 140 in ten constituencies in Croatia, three will be elected by expatriates and eight by ethnic minorities.

The slates must have at least 40% of candidates of each sex, otherwise, they will be disqualified and those proposing them face an HRK 50,000 fine.

Campaign costs must not exceed HRK 1.5 million per constituency. Parties running in all ten constituencies can spend HRK 15 million.

Due to elections, the ninth assembly of Croatian parliament ended its last session on Monday with the majority of MPs voting for the parliament’s dissolution prior to the parliamentary election.

Before the decision on the end of Parliament work, the Zagreb city opposition spent the night outside the building protesting against dissolving without passing a law on the reconstruction of the city after the centre was devastated by an earthquake in late March.

Representatives of six opposition parties and their sympathisers jeered at the arriving MPs on Monday morning, with city councillor and leader of the “Zagreb is Ours” party, Tomislav Tomašević, saying that those in power had enough time to adopt the bill.

In this situation, the law can be adopted only in September or October, and until then citizens are abandoned. Given that some 26,000 people have reported damage caused by the earthquake, this is a defeat of this parliament, said Rada Borić of the New Left party./ibna