Croatia: Parliament adopts decision on EEZ

Croatia: Parliament adopts decision on EEZ

The Croatian Parliament ratified at Friday’s session the decision on the declaration of the Exclusive Economic Zone in the Adriatic, paving the way for talks with Slovenia and Italy on the protection of the sea.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in an announcement that the decision was adopted unanimously.

“The Croatian Parliament unanimously adopted on Friday the Decision on the Declaration of Croatia’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Adriatic.

The Decision demarcates the temporary borders of the EEZ until relevant international agreements are signed. It also stipulates that the EEZ is to be implemented in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Croatian Maritime Code and the EU legislature. The Decision confirms that Croatia’s EEZ remains maritime area in which all countries, without infringing on Croatia’s sovereign rights and jurisdiction, can enjoy their internationally guaranteed freedoms and rights,” the MFA notes in a press release.

It was added that protecting the Adriatic constitutes one of Croatia’s most important strategic interests and an integral part of its policies. By declaring the EEZ, Croatia is doing its utmost to legally protect the Adriatic which the Croatian people are historically, geographically, culturally and fatefully tied to.

The parliament was expected to make that decision seven days ago, however the opposition “broke” the quorum and as a result voting was postponed. At the proposal of the Government, a new amendment was accepted, according to which the decision, instead of February 1shall enter into force eight days after its publication in the Government Gazette.

In relation to the existing ZERP (Protected Ecological-Fishing Belt) declared in 2003, the Exclusive Economic Zone in the Adriatic Sea brings two new rights to Croatia; the construction of artificial islands and the use of maritime, wind and electric energy. /ibna