Croatia invites us to taste sea-submerged… beer!

Croatia invites us to taste sea-submerged… beer!

After the innovative Croatian suggestion that invited people to try sea-submerged wine “an international hit by the first underwater winery“, the Coral Wine company now proposes we taste beer matured… in the sea…

Marko Dušević, the owner of Coral Wine has gained expertise in submerging wine bottles underwater and thought of taking his business a step further by creating the first craft beer also submerged in the sea.

“At a secret location near the island of Pag in the Adriatic,” reads, “Dušević has a mussel and oyster farm and his company produces, among other things smoked mussels and tuna and marinated shrimp.”

The daring businessman offered a “750ml bottle of Krakens Porter, made by Pivovara 8 from Zadar”, that had been maturing inside the sea for six months “at a depth of 20 metres” for the first tasting.

Speaking to, Dušević explained that, “We submerged 30 test bottles, and we plan to place around 500 more in the sea by the end of the year, and those will mostly be magnum bottles (1.5l). Our thoughts is that it (beer) changes a lot in the sea, and for the better. This is just part of the project because in the sea we have 100 different types of wine from 30 vineyards.”…. / IBNA