Croatia closer to the eurozone?

Croatia closer to the eurozone?
The Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković had announced in October 2017 that his country wishes and aims to adopt the single euro currency within seven to eight years.

On Thursday, May 10 he "insisted" as puts that Zagreb must do what it takes so that the state switches from the kuna to the euro. Croatia is the newest member of the bloc and yesterday, before the scheduled cabinet meeting the premier was saying that the shift would only be an advantage to Croats.

The result was that a new strategy was adopted "that targets switching to the single currency within five to seven years. But opposition forces claim that it is not in Croatia's best interests."

However, the parliament needs to agree on the process that should be followed till euro is fully adopted, the costs of the switch and also examine the financial benefits (if any) the change will bring forth. As pointed out in, the strategy refers to no official "commitment to the timeframe" of the switch.... / IBNA


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