Criticism within the opposition about Basha’s leadership

Criticism within the opposition about Basha’s leadership

Tirana, 31 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Within the opposition political camp in Albania, critical voices against the current leader of the party have become more serious, after one of the most imminent founders of the Democratic Party launched strong accusations about this way of leading the party and the strategy that is being followed.

Eduard Selami, former DP leader and current MP of this party, criticizes especially the declaration of the leader of the opposition that the Democratic Party won the local government elections in June 2015, whereby out of 61 one municipalities, the opposition won 14, while the other 47 were won by the governing coalition.

Selami says that Basha must adjust his positioning and must be more attentive to criticism.

“Criticism is launched in order for the work of the Democratic Party to be improved and leader Basha must be more attentive to criticism that is addressed and must adjust his positioning in order for us to win the next election”.

But, does the Democratic Party have a program for its recovery after being defeated in the last two elections and will the boycott of institutions and reforms?

Selami says that it’s up to leader Basha to correct what didn’t work in these two years.

“There are things that Basha must correct. We must start our analysis based on these two defeats. The possibility for us to win the next elections is there. This will not serve only Basha, but also to the Democratic Party and all Albanians.”

The former democrat leader says that the main challenge of the Democratic Party is Albania’s integration in the European Union and according to Selami, the government is not doing a good job on this.

“Our challenges as a Democratic Party are the same as those of the Albanian citizens; how to guide Albania back into the path of European integration and economic development, in the path of creating new jobs, the path of foreign investments and the fight against corruption. Albania has left this path and PM Edi Rama and Parliamentary Speaker, Ilir Meta are to be blamed on this”. /ibna/