Crime is “on duty”, says Albanian opposition

Crime is “on duty”, says Albanian opposition

Tirana, February 17, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albanian opposition considers the criminal situation in the country as very serious, based on a number of events that took place in Tirana and several other cities.

Grida Duma, head of the Department for Public Relations at the Democratic Party, said today that there’s a deterioration of law and order and that crime in Albania is imposing itself more and more. Duma described crime as being “on duty”.

The democrat representative referred to a bomb explosion taken place this morning at the home of the high security prison in Tepelena. The explosion was caused by several unidentified persons and it caused material damages.

The democrat official said that this explosion is a continuation of criminal acts that are shocking the country more and more.

“Even before recovering from one shocking event, citizens are witnessing the next robbery and the next explosion. The situation becomes even more shocking when one sees how easy bandits run around clad in police uniforms, how easy it’s for them to kidnap a person, to rob a bank in the middle of Tirana and how easy they threaten and attack with explosions”, says Duma. She referred to the bomb attack against the business of the family of Interior minister, former chief of Anti-Crime in Tirana and the bomb that didn’t explode in a bus station.

Duma also mentioned other TNT attempt taken place during last week in Tirana, near a school, etc.

She also said that when a bank is robbed in the middle of the capital, then there’s reason for concern. The event in question is the spectacular robbery at Union Bank, where masked men robbed around 300 thousand Euros in an armored vehicle which carried money and left with the vehicle that accompanied the armored vehicle.

“A bank robbery in the middle of the day in Tirana, a person kidnapped in Fushe-Kruja, a robbery by masked men in Shkoder and  in Vlora. Citizens do not deserve to endure the regime of crime and even less the government which is responsible for this situation”, said Duma.

The opposition representative, which is seen as a potential candidate for mayor in Tirana, also talked about the traffic of drugs. Italian media reported for a large scale operation which saw the arrest of several Albanians. According to reports, 45 million Euros worth of drugs and 50 million Euros worth of cash and other assets have been seized in the recent hours in Italy.

Italian police reports that a part of the narcotic substance comes from Albania.

This fact is seen with criticism by the opposition. “Tons of drugs circulating in Albania, through our borders toward Europe”.

Mrs. Duma says that crime “is on duty”. It’s clear that crime is on duty, that crime is getting richer, is being recruited and is being imposed more and more. The country is going through difficult days. Masked men, kidnappers and those who set bombs are the safe ones. The government has only managed to allow crime to gain ground”, she added.

The democrat official said that the economic demands of the citizens are preceded by the urgent and legitimate demands for law and order.

“While this regime makes citizens more miserable and poorer, it also intimidates them and it makes them pray for a bomb not to explode in their door step. Citizens have no reason to endure the regime of crime and the government which is responsible for this situation”, said Duma. /ibna/