The creation of a special tribunal is being demanded in FYROM

The creation of a special tribunal is being demanded in FYROM

Skopje, 14 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

International community is looking into the possibility of setting up a Special Tribunal which would try criminal and corruptive offenses taken place in the recent years in FYROM.

The political parties which are part of the talks for the overcoming of the crisis, have not excluded the possibility of setting up such court and this is seen as the only possibility of restoring trust on the judicial system.

Law professor at the University of Tetovo. Mersim Maksuti told IBNA that it’s too early to talk about this court, because according to him, political responsibility should be identified first and then envisage the creation of such court.

“Constitution of Macedonia doesn’t have a provision for the setting up of such professional courts. I agree with the creation of such court, but for it to be set up, there must be wide political consensus in order to amend the Constitution, but at the moment, I don’t think that this can happen without political rotation”, law professor of the University of Tetovo, Mersim Maksuti. But, Maksuti says that for the time being, there are no signals for such thing.

Political analyst, Aco Kabranov told IBNA that such judicial institution must be set up in order to restore trust in the rule of law.

“This tribunal must be set up in order to try those who have broken the law. Current state officials must be held accountable, be convicted and have their assets confiscated. The current judicial system cannot do this and this is why we must have a special tribunal which would punish all of those who have broken the law”, Kabranov says.

The creation of such court has also been demanded by Macedonian opposition, which through the wiretapping affair has said that justice system in FYROM has collapsed and that the citizens no longer believe in it.

In order to restore trust on the justice system, opposition has demanded the creation of a special tribunal which will handle all corruptive and criminal cases that were identified in the registered conversations between state leaders.

The model that has been proposed is for the Special Tribunal to be comprised of a mixed panel of uncorrupt judges, national and international, mainly from the EU or look into the possibility of a monitoring mechanism by international justice. /ibna/