Creation of Kosovo’s Army is being prevented by Belgrade

Creation of Kosovo’s Army  is being prevented by Belgrade

Kosovo’s Security Force (FSK) continues to have an unchanged status.

There have been a lot of talks that FSK will turn into an army, but this is yet to be done.

Minister of FSK, Haki Demolli says that the ministry that he leads has made all the necessary preparations in order for FSK to be ready to be transformed into the Armed `Forces of Kosovo.

“As a ministry, we have established the Department for Transformation and Standardization, which has worked during this time for the finalization of the Package with the necessary documents for the new mission and the essential tasks of the Army of Kosovo”, he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa admits that Kosovo’s Army cannot be established without the votes of the Serb representatives in the parliament of Kosovo.

“The creation of the Army of Kosovo requires two thirds of the votes in the parliament of Kosovo. This process is impossible to be finalized if Serb MPs do not vote in favor of this. Therefore, in this aspect, we have made many efforts to talk to them in order to convince them to vote”, he said.

Prime Minister Mustafa says that the Serbs who are part of the governing coalition continue to receive instructions from Belgrade.

The leader of the Kosovo opposition, Visar Ymeri told IBNA that the creation of Kosovo’s army is being prevented by Serb MPs in the parliament of Kosovo.

According to him, the creation of the Kosovo Army can only be finalized according to “Ahtisaari” plan, which requires a specific majority and this majority cannot be achieved without the Serbs in parliament.

According to Ymeri, Srpska List is instructed by Belgrade and this means that “Serbia must agree for the creation of the Kosovo Army”.

Meanwhile, analyst from Kosovo, Nexhmedin Spahiu says that Kosovo’s Army is not a hasty issue.

“Kosovo did not liberate itself and it cannot defend itself in case of attack. Kosovo must support its defenses in partnership with NATO and its army must deliver NATO’s requirements. Our country doesn’t need an army. When NATO deems it necessary for the country to have an army, then it will put sufficient pressure on Serbia for it to be created”, he says. /