Courts in Kosovo with over 200 thousand unresolved cases

Courts in Kosovo with over 200 thousand unresolved cases

The large number of unsolved cases in the courts of Kosovo continues to be a problem, that the judicial system is not being able to overcome for years now.

Competent authorities say that there are over 200 thousand old cases, which are still unsolved and the majority of them belong to first instance courts.

Meanwhile, analysts say that lack of accountability and irresponsibility of judges is a problem for this.

The head of Kosovo Judicial Council, Nehat Idrizi says that judges have not deliberated the necessary number of cases that they had to deliberate.

“These cases are old and carried forward from one year to another. We are building a strategy to reduce the number of these cases. We have experts from the US who will offer us a concrete plan for this”, Idrizi says.

Law professor, Fatos Rushiti, told IBNA that Kosovo needs a general review of the justice system.

“Prosecutors and judges must be more familiarized with the cases that they represent. The number of judges must grow and courts must be digitalized”, Rushiti says.

According to him, rule of law institutions must undergo reforms in order to improve transparency and accountability.

“Rule of law means delivering justice, fighting corruption and a stable legal environment where the rights and liberties of everyone are protected”, he said. /