Court decision united Serb parties

Court decision united Serb parties

Banja Luka, November 30, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

For the last few months RS President, Milorad Dodik, has been calling the leaders of opposition parties in this entity on a meeting to discuss, as he emphasised several times, the important questions for the future of the entity, but none of them had accepted his invitation.

As they explained at the time, the truth is that Dodik wants to discuss the work of the RS representatives in BiH joint institutions, and they are members of the opposition parties gathered in Alliance for changes. Dodik had the meetings with his coalition partners until the BiH Constitutional court brought decision and claimed the January 9, Day of RS, unconstitutional. This was the decision that helped the unification of Serb parties in BiH in order to condemn the decision. On Sunday afternoon, historic meeting took the place in RS President Palace in Banja Luka.

It can be called “historical” because it was the first time that leaders of ruling and opposition parties sat on the same table and made joint decisions. This kind of unity wasn’t seen in RS for years. In the joint statement, presented to media at the press conference at Sunday evening, parties leaders rejected the Constitutional court decision and emphasised that this Court is, de facto, illegal because there is no law in BiH that determines its jurisdiction.

“We believe that the BiH Constitutional court decision was made with an intervention from international representatives and that there is a need to adopt a law on the Court as soon as possible, not later than 120 days from now. We demand that the BiH Parliamentary Assembly begin to discuss the issue of this law”, Dodik said on the press conference.

As he explained, the law will stipulate that at least one representative of the constitutive people and a representative of the entity voices are necessary for the majority for making decisions. Also, one of the demands of Serb parties is that foreign judges leave the Court and will be changed by local judges. If this is not done within 120 days, Dodik emphasised, political parties will take their stands on the participation in the joint institutions and sign another joint statement to reflect that.

“We have agreed to organise a referendum, on the basis of the National Assembly decision, which would refer to the issue of whether the people in RS support this decision of the Constitutional Court and whether they support January 9 as an RS holiday”, Dodik said.

President of Serb Democratic Party as the biggest opposition party in RS, Mladen Bosic, told the media that BiH Constitutional court became an institution that not only interprets the Constitution but also amend the laws. We believe that the law on Constitutional court is essential for the future in BiH and that the law must determine the responsibility of the Court. Also, we believe that this situation is not in the best interest of Bosniak and Croat nations in BiH and we will call them to discuss this issue, Bosic said.

All leaders confirmed that they still support the Resolution of RS National Assembly, which was adopted a few months ago, and which a priori said that the decision which would claim Day of RS unconstitutional will not be implemented. After that Declaration many international institutions in BiH, in their reactions, said that it is against the rule of law and against the Dayton peace agreement.

The meeting on Sunday was attended by Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic, BiH Presidency member Mladen Ivanic, National Assembly Deputy Speaker, Nenad Stevandic, Chairperson of the Council of Peoples, Nada Tesanovic, member of the Advisory Board of the BiH House of Representatives, SDS leader  Mladen Bosic, member of the Advisory Board of the BiH House of Peoples, Ognjen Tadic, and BiH Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Mirko Sarovic, newly elected president of Party of democratic progress, Branislav Borenovic, and re-elected president of Peoples democratic movement, Dragan Cavic.


Photo: M. Dragojlovic