Many countries issue travel directives viewing Turkey a growing terrorist threat

Many countries issue travel directives viewing Turkey a growing terrorist threat

Ankara, October 15, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Chaos for the 21 suicide bombers. Citizens are afraid when they see a woman wearing chador or a man with a turban.

Far-right mafia boss, one day before the attack in Ankara, spoke of a bloodshed against the terrorists   

Newspaper editor-in-chief imprisoned for comments against Erdogan. He was arrested by the counter-terrorist unit!

By Manolis Kostidis

The terrorist attack in Ankara which killed 97 people and injured hundreds of others, is causing economic problems in Turkey as thousands of cancellations are observed in many hotels in the country.

Already 14 countries have issued their travel warning directive to citizens planning to travel to Turkey, alleging an “increased terrorist risk” in the country.

Countries that have issued such a warning are Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Poland. The communication of this recommendation to the citizens is expected to cause a sharp decrease of the tourist surge to Turkey in the coming months, at a time when already there is an observed decline in tourism by 4%.

Citizens panicked by the 21 suicide bombers and 4500 members of ISIS who live in Turkey

The latest terrorist hit has panicked citizens. A power failure in the metro of Istanbul signed the alarm in Pera district, with ambulances and police cars rushing to the Metro exits afraid of a possible terrorist attack. There are many who see women wearing a burka and men with turban and call the police for fear that they are suicide bombers.

When in the Turkish press there are references for the presence of at least 21 suicide bombers, among them 6 women, sought out by the police, such a reaction by the Turks is considered reasonable.

The leader of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) Masum Türker published worrying figures, claiming that in Turkey there are 4,500 members of the Islamic State. Of these 300 are terrorists and the others mercenaries who support ISIS.

The president of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy People’s Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş said that “the state, which should protect its citizens is still smiling cunningly”. The HDP recalled the information it had given that the death toll had reached 128 and spoke of a “mistake”.

One day before the attack a mafia boss was speaking of bloodshed

“Why all the terrorist attacks occur in rallies against a particular group of people? Why were there no terrorists, say in the rally of mob boss Sedat Peker in Rize, which was held last week”, pointed out the academic, political analyst of the newspaper Habertürk, Soli Ozel, on the television network CNN Türk.

Indeed Peker had spoken in front of thousands of people and had stressed that “the blood of those who threaten the unity of the state will be spilled aplenty, if there is need for our self-defence”.

Rize is the birthplace of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. No prosecutor start any investigation on Peker’s statements.

“If ISIS wants to strike at Turkey, why does it strike at the Kurds?”

Academic Sedat Laçiner wonders, “they tell us that it is the work of the Islamic State, but there has been no acceptance of responsibility. Why does it not take responsibility? It is strange. But if the Islamic State wanted to retaliate for the alliance between Turkey and NATO, it would strike against targets of the AKP, it would hit government targets. But here we are talking about attacks only against the Kurds. The same situation as in Suruc and Diyarbakir”.