Council of Ministers in Albania removes licenses for several universities

Council of Ministers in Albania removes licenses for several universities

Tirana, August 6, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

At the end of today’s government meeting, deputy prime minister of Albania, Niko Peleshi said that the government approved the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Sports to remove licenses for a group of universities.

This decision comes two days from the publication of the report for the verification of the lawfulness of universities in the country.

Peleshi said that licenses will be removed for the following universities:

  1. “Vitrina”
  2. “Kristal”
  3. “Justiniani I”
  4. Academy of Construction, Tirana
  5. “Elite University”
  6. “Illyria” university
  7. Academy for Applied Studies, Durres
  8. “Tirana Planetary University”
  9. Pedagogy Academy, Tirana
  10. “Mother Queen Geraldina” University
  11. “College for professional sports”, Fier
  12. “Argent” professional college, Shkoder
  13. “American High School of Tirana”
  14. Private High School of Education
  15. “Medicom” professional college
  16. “Tirana International High School”
  17. “Gjon Buzuku:, Shkoder
  18. “Medikadent”


Meanwhile, the government suspends the activity for:

  1. “Aldent” university
  2. “Full Moon” (Beder) university
  3. “New Generation” private professional college
  4. “Logos” university
  5. “Canadian Institute of Technology”
  6. “Ivoclar Vivadent & Partners” professional college
  7. “Independence” university, Vlora
  8. Professional Business Academy
  9. “ISSAT”
  10. “Sevasti and Parashqevi Qiriazi” university
  11. “Justicia” university
  12. “Wisdom University”

The deputy prime minister declared that many violations have been found in the universities that were penalized, while stressing that this is only the first phase of the reform on education. /ibna/