Corruption must be fought, says Kosovo’s PM

Corruption must be fought, says Kosovo’s PM

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa has declared that the institutions of the country have boosted their activities in the fight against corruption.

According to him, the report of Transparency International must help even more to improve the necessary domains and strengthen fight against corruption.

“I understand that many things have happened in these 17 years after the war, which have changed the perception of the citizens for corruption in our society. Citizens perceive corruption as the main problem for our country and institutions are not doing all they can to fight this phenomenon”, he said.

On the positive side, he says that Kosovo is in the best position among the countries of the region as far as obtaining services in exchange of bribery is concerned.

“We’re better than 6 countries of the EU, we’re in the same position as Greece and Croatia and better than almost all central and southeast countries”, said PM Mustafa.

He invited the citizens to help in fighting this phenomenon, denouncing cases of corruption.

“We are scaring away investors. We will defeat corruption if we fight it together. We will defeat it if we denounce it”, declared Mustafa. /