Coronavirus hits main markets of Greek tourism hard

Coronavirus hits main markets of Greek tourism hard

Most tourists coming to Greece are mainly citizens of countries heavily affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Generally, with all but a few exceptions, these are the same countries that have suffered the most severe blows to their economy.

It is noteworthy that, during the period 2016-2018, the euro area countries had improved their position in Greek tourism more than the rest. For example, arrivals from euro-zone countries increased by 28% over that period compared to 20% for the rest of the EU and 15% for other countries. The landscape was also the same for overnight stays with a 22% growth rate versus 9% and 26%, and a 27% growth rate in revenues against 11% and 27% respectively.

The countries hit by the coronavirus pandemic

Taking a closer look to specific markets, coronavirus hitting the US is a rather negative development. It is worth noting that in 2018 visitors from the US recorded the third highest average per capita expenditure with 182% of the average expenditure of visitors of all countries, which amounts to 520 euros, behind Australia with 216% and Canada with 203%. In 2018 the average per capita spending of Americans was $ 948, behind only that of Australians and Canadians which exceeded $ 1,000, specifically at $ 1,124 and $ 1,054 respectively.

In 2018, Italians ranged above the average of EUR 520 per capita (EUR 563 or 108%), along with the French (EUR 626 or 120%), the British (EUR 658 or 127%), the Dutch (EUR 606 or 117). %), Spain (545 euros or 105%) and Germany (676 euros or 130%), that is, citizens of countries most affected by the pandemic.


However, with regard to the average length of stay in our country, tourists from all countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic again score above average. With an average duration of 7.5 days, the average UK tourist will stay in our country 8.7 days (116% of average); the average Spanish tourist 8.4 days (111%); the average Dutch 9.0 days (119% of average); the average Italian 8.4 days (111% of average); the average American 10.6 days (141% of average); the average German 9.7 days (129%), and the French tourist will stay 9.0 days ( 120%) ./ibna