Corey: EU can learn a lot from Montenegro

Corey: EU can learn a lot from Montenegro

Programs for children, young people and parents, that are successfully implemented in Montenegro, could be a model of good practice for countries in Europe and Central Asia, said deputy regional director of UNICEF for Europe and Central Asia Philip Corey, during his visit to Montenegro.

“I think you have a development model that can be helpful for many countries, not only in the Western Balkans but also in the EU. I think that there’s a lot that the EU countries can teach from you,” said deputy regional director of UNICEF Corey.

He visited the “Sunce” kindergarten in Nikšić and spoke to children and parents – members of the Roma community, about the importance of preschool education and support for children and parents belonging to the Roma community.

“It all starts in kindergarten. If you are successful in establishing inclusion in the context of preschool education and teaching, later, in elementary school and secondary school, you will have a higher degree of engagement and social cohesion,” Corey said.

He also visited “Mileva Lajović-Lalatović” elementary school in Nikšić and said that the task of the entire community was to establish a good foundation for inclusion.

“Children must be provided room to express themselves, to enjoy teaching plans and programs. Such plans and programs must include children who are faced with more serious challenges, they must not be neglected,” Philip Corey pointed out in front of UNICEF.

He also met with parents who attended the “Parenthood for lifelong health” program, which is implemented in several Montenegrin municipalities./ibna