Cooperation is necessary in the state security system

Cooperation is necessary in the state security system

A Security Policy Course supported by the OSCE, that gathered some 30 participants from government institutions, law enforcement agencies and armed forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was concluded in Sarajevo.

The two-week course, organized by the OSCE Mission to BiH and the Council of Minister’s Inter-ministerial Working Group on Monitoring the Implementation of BiH Security Policy, aims to provide civilian and military personnel in managerial positions with knowledge on the Security Policy and security system of the country. It also promotes cooperation and networking of key personnel in different sectors within the security policy framework. Participants gained practical insight into the work of the institutions in charge of implementing the country’s security policy.

This year, particular focus was placed on contemporary security challenges, which encompass the traditional politico-military security dimension, but equally extend to matters of environment, economy and human rights, thereby requiring a multi-dimensional approach and the sharing of necessary resources.

In his remarks, Mijo Krešić, Deputy Minister of Security of BiH, emphasized the necessity of a multi-disciplinary approach and co-operation among a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental institutions, agencies, and the private sector.

“The principal value of this course is that it helps establish necessary contacts across ministerial, institutional, and governmental lines, as the response to security challenges necessitates team work, good communication and prompt exchange of information”, Krešić said.

Željka Šulc, Spokesperson of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina said that the diverse group that has gathered to participate in this course illustrates the complexity of the security challenges BiH face today.

“Contemporary responsibility for security can no longer be assigned to any one institution or ministry. Courses such as this one help co-ordinate and enhance collective efforts to translate this country’s security policy into practical application”, Šulc said.

The course, which began in 2007, has evolved into a permanent security policy training programme, with the aim to raise understanding of BiH’s Security Policy and to exchange information in this area. The course is accredited by the BiH Civil Service Agency and serves for the professional development and career advancement of civil servants./IBNA