Contraband of fuel and high prices are damaging Albanians

Contraband of fuel and high prices are damaging Albanians

Tirana, 14 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Household and business economies are significantly being damaged due to the high fuel prices, which have a low quality, do not meet standards and which are smuggled.

The truth is that a number of petrol stations in the country sell fuel which has been produced in local refineries, where the quality is very low.

A little amount of the fuel is imported although petrol stations claim that they sell imported fuel.

Economy expert, Mateo Spaho, says that the rising cost of fuel is being a burden to Albanian citizens on a daily bases and he considers it “a financial pincer which brings only poverty and misery”.

Currently, a liter of fuel in Albania costs around 190 ALL or 1,4 Euros, while in neighboring FYROM, it costs 85 cents and in Montenegro it costs around 1 Euro a liter. A similar price is applied in Kosovo and in Greece, fuel costs 1,1 to 1,2 Euros a liter.

Spaho, who is the national coordinator for economic affairs at the Democratic Party, says that the price of fuel today was supposed to be at least 24 ALL (20 cent) cheaper, “if it wasn’t for Rama’s tax”.

“The highest price of fuel in the region and beyond, has brought other extra costs for Albanians in every product and life sector, which are affected by transport and by products of fuel”.

Spaho also says that Albanians “today we pay as much as the Finnish, Danes and Swedes, while we know that incomes in Albania are much lower than in these countries”.

While we hear news of the falling price of fuel in Europe and all around the world, in Albania there’s only increases and the price now amounts to 190 ALL per liter.

The reasons relate to high taxes and excise that increase every year.

Although prices in world markets have seen a drop, this is not reflected in the Albanian market.

Spaho says that tax evasion and contraband are also causes for this.

According to him, “massive contraband of the prime minister’s friends, who have benefited up to 100 million USD, has been added to the rising price of fuel. This money has ended up in the pockets of corrupted government officials and not in roads, schools, kindergartens, increases of pensions or salaries”. /ibna/