Consumers in Kosovo unprotected

Consumers in Kosovo unprotected

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, March 16, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Consumers in Kosovo continue to be unprotected against unsafe products made in Kosovo or products that come from the countries of the region.

On the world consumer day, citizens in Kosovo are not happy with the treatment that they’re receiving as consumers.

Nita N, 25 from Pristina told IBNA that world consumer day finds consumers in Kosovo with many problems, starting from low quality and dangerous food products, high power supply charges, growing prices, poor services offered by the state administration, etc.

“As consumers, we’re worried. A while ago, a young man from Kosovo lost his life from chicken meat with an expiry daye. Meanwhile, these days, we heard on the news that ‘Devolli’ company has imported from Serbia grains produced years ago, which are infected and have carcinogenic content. There are also many other cases in Kosovo’s market with suspicious products”, she says.

Meanwhile, Besart M, 30 years of age, told IBNA that Kosovo has been swarmed by suspicious products coming from the countries of the region and other countries.

“As consumers, we’re totally unprotected, while state agencies are to be blamed for this”, he says.

Chairman of “Consumer” organization, Selatin Kacaniku told IBNA that authorities in Kosovo must take concrete measures in order to protect the health of the people.

But, he says that citizens must be aware of this, in order to help the state protect them.

According to him, some EU producers produce different quality products depending on the ability of consumers to pay. He says that Kosovo receives third quality products.

On world consumer day (March 15), PM Isa Mustafa admits that Kosovo is far from meeting consumer standards.

“We’re all consumers. Today’s our day, World Consumer Day. We are entitled to receive the quality that we pay for. What’s more important is that we’re entitled to receive the best products for our health”, Mustafa declared.

But, he also says that the government that he chairs will do everything in order for consumers of the country to meet their basic needs.

“Kosovo is part of the states where we’re still talking about consumer rights. We’re still far from meeting standards, but the government that I chair is doing everything in order to meet basic needs, educate consumers and secure a healthy environment”, he says.

He said that there have been concerns for expired products in the markets of Kosovo.

“I assure you that I will listen to consumer needs and I will insist in order for consumers in Kosovo to be supplied with products that meet the best European standards”, Mustafa says. /ibna/