Consumers in Kosovo feel deceived

Consumers in Kosovo feel deceived

Pristina, 28 September 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Consumers in Kosovo are often subject to an aggressive and exaggerated marketing.

Consumers find leaflets everywhere with products on discount, but in reality, prices are the same.

This phenomenon of deception for consumers has seen a rise and several cases, the inspectorate of the Ministry of Commerce, has taken measures to inspect shops, issuing fines for 18 operators for the complaints lodged against them.

The head of the Market Inspectorate, Lulazim Syla` says that in the past five months, 20 complaints have been lodged by consumers and these complaints relate to pricing.

Syla is not happy with the number of complaints, although this number has recently increased.

Representatives of “Consumer” NGO, confirm that there are many cases where shops lie about the prices of their products.

The head of this organization, Selatin Kacaniku, says: “It’s clear that we have cases of deception, as it’s impossible to cut prices by 70% or 80%”.

According to him, this phenomenon will be investigated by the adequate mechanisms.

“Consumer deception will not go unpunished”, Kacaniku says. /ibna/