Consultations for the formation of a Government Coalition begin in North Macedonia

Consultations for the formation of a Government Coalition begin in North Macedonia

After the holding of the first “founding” session of the National Assembly, the talks for the formation of the new government begin today. The parties that unofficially started the post-election talks are expected to step up their efforts today to secure a majority in the new parliament and form a new government.

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, as he announced after the elections, will officially start negotiations for a new government after the Ilinden holiday.

In an interview with the Croatian weekly Nacional ten days ago, Zaev said the SDSM has by far the largest coalition potential. – The mandate for the formation of a new government is for SDSM and the coalition “We can”. “Immediately after Ilinden’s vacation, which is on August 2, we enter the negotiation process for the future coalition and the formation of a government”, Zaev had said at the time.

He announced that they will discuss a coalition with all parties that are ready to accept the European, democratic, free, advanced idea and the course North Macedonia is on as a member of NATO. “Structures that support ideas different from the democratic and European concept”, as Zaev said, can not be part of the future ruling coalition led by SDSM.

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski yesterday in his speeches on the occasion of Ilinden from Tashmarunishta and Struga, reiterated that “they will participate in the ‘competition’ for the formation of a government, which is still on until the last moment”.

Mickoski said last week that he did not support a broad coalition and believed such a government would be ineffective, as the caretaker government has shown.

Mickoski then stressed that there is nothing specific about the negotiations for a new government and that so far it has resulted in a “weighting of political forces”. He said he would not be surprised if no one managed to form a government, to have new parliamentary elections in the fall.

Regarding his claims for new elections, the Prime Minister and Vice President of SDSM Oliver Spasovski said that Mickoski changes his views every day and that in the last election there was a clear winner, and that is the SDSM.

President Pendarovski announced last week that he would give the mandate for the composition of the next government to those who would assure him that they had reached a majority in the Assembly.

He stressed that the constitutional law is clear – the mandate is given to the candidate of the party or parties that have a majority in the Assembly and here the president has literally no room for maneuver.

“More specifically, I will give the mandate to any representative for any of the 6 parties that entered parliament, who will assure me that he has a majority of 61 deputies”, Pendarovski said in an interview with Fokus last week.

Speaking on Ilinden in Pelince, Pendarovski hoped that the new government would be formed as soon as possible and that the government, he said, would not be comfortable asking difficult questions in the first 100 days. According to him, the new government will have another complicated task, especially, as he said, after such an election campaign, in which serious accusations and personal exclusions were made, which further deepened the disputes between the citizens, emphasizing that there is need for more reconciliation now than ever before.

According to the Constitution, the President of the state is obliged within 10 days from the convergence of the legislature to assign the mandate for the composition of the Government to a candidate of the party, ie the parties that have the majority in the Assembly. The candidate for prime minister, on the other hand, must submit to the assembly a plan and proposal for the composition of the government within 20 days from the day of the assignment of the mandate.

In the July 15 parliamentary elections, the SDSM-led coalition “We Can” won 46 seats, the VMRO-DPMNE coalition 44, the DUI 15, the Albanian Alliance and Alternative 12, the Left 2 and the DPA 1 seat./ibna