Construction of Trans Atlantic Pipeline starts from Albania

Construction of Trans Atlantic Pipeline starts from Albania

Tirana, September 9, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will start to be built next year. This was announced by the consortium which will build the pipeline. According to this consortium, works will initially start in Albania with the preparation of the roads and bridges which will enable further works. TAP is predicted to be functional in 2018.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline will not only be the biggest direct foreign investment in Albania, with a value of 2 billion Euros, but it’s also expected to create 20 thousand jobs.

With the construction of TAP, Albania will turn into a strategic location for the export of gas toward Western Europe. On the other hand, it will also benefit gas for domestic use, but the country still has no network for the use of gas for households and businesses.

Currently, Albania produces around 4-5 million cubic meters of natural gas. TAP project has a transporting capacity of gas of from 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year to 20 billion and it will be built with flexibility in transport. /ibna/

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