Constitutional changes, the President no longer head of the Supreme Council of Justice

Constitutional changes, the President no longer head of the Supreme Council of Justice

Tirana, February 11, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

The President of the Republic of Albania will no longer be head of the Supreme Council of Justice. This was the proposal of the minister of Justice, Nasip Naco, submitted to the Committee for the Reform in Justice.

Through a voluminous analytical file, Mr. Naco offers a picture of the situation in the justice system and offers his proposals about the legal changes that need to be made, including the Constitution.

According to the Constitution, the President of the Republic is at the same time General Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and chairman of the Supreme Council of Justice.

His new proposal removes one of the three posts. “The amendment of the Constitution may be a good opportunity to review some of the powers of the President of Republic that he exerts in other institutions. The position of the head of Supreme Council of Justice and the power to appoint judges, in spite of the fact that he doesn’t vote in a meeting. The same power applies for the appointment of prosecutors, although the President is not the head of the Committee of Prosecutors. Given that we have a non governing president and an independent judicial system, is it necessary for the Supreme Council of Justice to be chaired by the President of Republic?”, is the question that arises in the document submitted by the minister of Justice.

The file submitted to the parliamentary committee for the reform in the justice system, also contains other requests. According to the ministry of Justice, another necessity relates to the formula for the election of the president, bringing it back to the pre 2008 version, through 3/5 of votes in parliament in all five rounds or through a people’s referendum.

It was the Socialist Party led by Edi Rama and Democratic Party led by former PM Berisha, that changed the Constitution seven years ago. They decided for the president to be elected by a simple majority of votes in parliament after the first three rounds. Now, the stance of the left has changed and the president is no longer required to be voted with a simple majority. /ibna/