Congress of New Democracy Youth (ONNED) ends in failure

Congress of New Democracy Youth (ONNED) ends in failure

Athens, April 18, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The Congress of ONNED held Friday and Saturday in Thessaloniki and which was completed late on Saturday night, turned out to be a fiasco, amid complaints that there was no vote for the Central Committee, but for the Organization representatives in the New Democracy Conference next week.

It is the first time that a meeting of the blue faction ends in this fashion, with the leadership of ONNED in an official announcement however, claiming thqt everything went smoothly, while the voting results were to be announced by Sunday night.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is monitoring with obvious concern the developments, keeping a watchful eye and waiting for the time being without interfering, but it is possible that when the vote results are announced, ND to not accept them as valid!

Behind the scenes a fierce battle is conducted from different groups to control the majority of the blue youth with the new president of ONNED Vassilis Georgiadis, who was elected as the only candidate a little while ago, reportedly maintains very close ties with the outgoing secretary of the Political Committee and former president of ONNED Andreas Papamimikos, but not with Mitsotakis.

Despite the fact, however, that in the leadership of the New Democracy there is intense discomfort for Papamimikos, whom many accuse of playing personal games, as he allegedly did in the internal party elections for the presidents of local organizations of the party, rumors that speak of him flirting deletion from the party are not confirmed by Syngrou.

At the same time, according to information, is being prepared the written complaint of the ONNED Congress members regarding the procedure followed, and everything point to the fact that there will be many more  episodes of this play.

Ioannidis: “Complete dissolution”

In his post on Facebook, the former president ONNED Sakis Ioannidis, who withdrew from the process, complains: “No polls were set up for any procedure, participants left without participating in political decisions and votes while no amendments to the Regulation was agreed. Complete dissolution. Some serve their personal ambitions, leading the organization on the cliff and to full depreciation, without realizing its grandeur. They will find us opposite”.

The reason for this picture of the blue youth was the number of the members of the  new Central Committee. The initial thought however, was to reduce the number, but there were many who disagreed with this. After many consultations that ended up with no result, the elections did not take place and conveners left Evosmos Municipality without practical procedures having been completed.

According to information, ONNED members allegedly gathered somewhere else after midnight, mostly from the University of Macedonia and the Resource Center, where they set up the polls informally, in order to have a result, but few recognize this process.

At around 1:30, ONNED announced that “the election process was completed late on Saturday night, due to technical problems”, while Sunday, in a statement, Vasilis Georgiades expressed satisfaction with the process and announced the reduction of the Central Committee members from 180 to 120.

The comment of Koumoundourou

SYRIZA took a position on the matter, which in a statement denounces Sygrou and the “true face of ND”, resulting from the conference ONNED. “Despite the best efforts of the interlocking system to convince us of the “liberal” and “modernization” spirit prevalent in New Democracy, under Mr. Mitsotakis, degeneration and decay, fighting to the bitter end for the distribution of party power, conflicts of “barons” and party leaders in the Congress of ONNED and in view of the party conference, reveal the true face of New Democracy.

This picture does not refer to “oxygen”, but to the known for decades stench of state patronage and the service of personal and other interests. The world, however, has seen through them. No matter how much they try to sculpt a person “young”, “indestructible” and “serious technocrats” remain the same and unchanged”, says Koumoundouros.