Confrontation with harsh expressions SYRIZA – ND

Confrontation with harsh expressions SYRIZA – ND

Athens, June 15, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Government sources charactrize as “stupid” and “blackmail” the tactic that follows the New Democracy and connects the attitude of the main opposition to the fact that their expectations for the collapse of the assessment and their plans for creating a political crisis did not come true.

At the same time, they are accusing ND of trying to create a climate of “undemocratic aberration” in an effort to connect it with Wednesday’s “anti-government event”.

“New Democracy has adopted a political plan, the main axis of which is the schema: “financial hardship + undemocratic aberration = social tension”. This plan is very fashionable this season, against leftist governments in various parts of the world”, say government sources.

And they point out that “because this plan does not stick to the Greek reality, ND is trying by force to adapt reality to the plan. So, one day before the mobilization of the improbable “resign”, hastens to discover a climate of “undemocratic aberration” and “economic hardship” (bypassing of course the 2010-2014 period) in order to connect it with Wednesday’s anti-government event and to fit the narrative”.

“The foolish and coercive tactics, is all that remains in New Democracy, as all its previous plans have gone bankrupt”, stress the same sources and add that “no matter how ND ‘bled’ to the contrary, the evaluation ended, the government did not face a political crisis and the call for elections (that one was “leave”) was degenerated into a political joke”.

“The only thing left now is the “flight forward by social tension”. It is the only way to halt, at its beginning, a period of political stability and economic recovery, which ND is well aware that it will lead its further marginalization”, indicate the same sources and stress that this practice is part of a dangerous and at the same time “picturesque” plan.

“Is this a very dangerous plan? Yes. Dangerous for the intelligence, critical thinking and aesthetics of citizens. For the rest it is a highly picturesque plan, mined from the best traditions of politicking hypocrisy and disrepute, genuine child of political despair and intolerable communication amateurism that distinguish the New Democracy”, say sources of Maximos.

And they add that “the constant support they enjoy – for obvious reasons – from a large portion of the experiences of media establishment, lures them into naive and grandiloquent nonsense, which do not believe even themselves”.

“We wholeheartedly wish them good luck”, comment the same sources.

The reply of ND

“This is the government. Coalition of the lie, the inability and interweaving”, said ND in answer to the statement of the Maximos Mansion.

“We are wondering with which government around the world does this SYRIZA government identify. With Venezuela’s maybe”, notes the statement by Sygrou.

And adds that “the government is clear that it is out of place and out of time, that it can not look the citizens in the eyes and answers through sources from the basement of the Maximos Mansion and can not realize the damage that has caused to the Greek society”.

ND accuses the prime minister and his ministers of remaining apart from the problems of the citizens, who themselves have created – according to the main opposition party – with their lies and inability.

“They are provoking the people who believed them and placed their hopes on the most incompetent, dogmatic and regimented government since the dictatorship. Everyone knows their relations with the interweaving, everyone knows that they offer coffee to those who otherwise denounce for interweaving”, it concludes.