Conference on Cyprus: Playing a game of impressions

Conference on Cyprus: Playing a game of impressions

The first day of the Conference on Cyprus, at the rainy Crans Montana, unfolded into a communications game.

Without any side showing its cards, all parties played a game of trying to identify which were the red lines and margins of the consultations on Cyprus more than anything else, today.

This time all eyes are turned on Turkey and to the way that it will handle the issue of finding a solution to the Cyprus problem. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu presented his four-point proposal on the agreement of guarantees, the agreement of the alliance, two agreements from the 1960s, the withdrawal of troops from Cyprus and finally the implementation of the solution.

According to diplomatic sources from the Greek Cypriot and Greek sides, these proposals are not new and have occupied past consultations between the guarantor powers of both communities. However, according to diplomatic sources, for this process to commence it is assumed that there is the will on the part of Turkey to demonstrate good intentions.

The Greek Foreign Minister on his departure following the end of first day pointed out that “We are struggling systematically to solve the problem of the Cyprus issue. We are struggling to pave the way for discussing the important Security and Guarantee issues and pave the way for changing this outdated system of guarantees. We believe that we have made progress, that everyone admits and accepts that the issue of Cyprus’ guarantees and security is a fundamental issue of the Cyprus problem. ”

The President of the Republic of Cyprus said that the Turkish proposal did not satisfy him. While there is a sense that on this proposal the Turkish side will build its new proposal, which may be presented during the presence of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday in Crans-Montana.

The important thing in all this process is that there is a willingness from all the parties involved to stay in the Swiss resort as much as possible, something which in the end may not offer the final solution, unless a miracle takes place. However the possibility of a meaningful dialogue that will pave the way for a further approach of all parties involved is more likely and as important.

Thursday and Friday, according to diplomatic sources from Turkish, Greek, Greek-Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot sources, will be the beginning of a substantial process or the gloriless end of another attempt to resolve the Cyprus problem./ΙΒΝΑ