Concrete solution for the refugee crisis is demanded by Albanian Parliamentary Speaker in Luxembourg

Concrete solution for the refugee crisis is demanded by Albanian Parliamentary Speaker in Luxembourg

Tirana, 24 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

Parliamentary speakers of the EU member countries have gathered in Luxembourg in the Conference of Parliamentary Speakers to discuss on the refugee crisis. The Albanian Parliamentary Speaker, Ilir Meta also participated in this important meeting, as Albania is an EU candidate.

Addressing this meeting, Mr. Meta said that Albania will contribute in order to find a solution about the refugee crisis, but, “within its capacities” and “based on the need of European partners”.

Meta said that Albanian authorities are in constant touch with neighboring Italy and Greece. “We are in constant touch with our neighbors, in order to monitor the potential developments which can lead to a change of the Balkan route through Albania.

“Our recent experience, where over one million displaced refugees and victims of the war in Kosovo, swarmed to Albania, makes us feel confident that even with modest means, unexpected migratory influxes can be managed”.

The Albanian Parliamentary Speaker added that “the refugee crisis needs a well coordinated European strategy”. He warned that failure to coordinate gives way to insecurity and the networks of traffic and terrorism.

Stressing that Greece has been affected to a large extent by this crisis and that this can have a direct impact on the borders with Albania, Mr. Meta said that for the solution of the migration crisis, there must be a European approach entirely coordinated and a well integrated reaction.

“If the EU leaves a few individual countries to cope with migratory influxes, this will create the necessary conditions for destabilization and will encourage network rings which flourish in unsafe environments”, Mr. Meta said.

Meta also launched a clear appeal for the EU, calling for these countries not to deal with xenophobe and nationalist plans.

“We must make sure that European citizens have faith on our joint European capacities for the management of the crisis, instead of massively backing the political alternatives of extreme nationalism and xenophobia, as it is being seen today in a number of EU countries. This means that we must offer responsible and sustainable solutions for this unprecedented crisis”, Mr. Meta said.

Meta also addressed this request: “As parliamentary representatives, we must put pressure on our governments to be concrete in relation to the joint measures that we will undertake. There must be better coordination for the prevention and the identification of smugglers and elements which bear a potential terrorist threat”.

Ilir Meta considered the refugee crisis as a very good chance for the EU.

“Migration may seem a painful challenge for our joint security, but I believe that it also offers a possibility for the EU, which at a time of demographic falls, it must be handled through smarter and more coherent strategies of migration and employment”, Meta said during the conference where the President of the European Commissioner, Jean Claude Juncker is taking part. /