Concerns over human rights violations in FYROM

Concerns over human rights violations in FYROM

Skopje, 26 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

FYR Macedonia continues to be the target of criticism as far as human rights are concerned. Complaints come from both domestic institutions and international institutions.

Through a voluminous report, the Ombudsman has addressed criticism as far as violations of human rights are concerned. The report has underlined the serious situation in prisons, institutions of mental illnesses, domestic violence, discrimination against Roma community and the gay and lesbian community.

But such critical report was also published by the US State Department.

The annual report of the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman in FYROM, IDzet Memeti has launched criticism against institutions of the country, relating to respect of human rights. Criticism has also been addressed for the poor situation in the prisons of the country. “The most serious situation exists in the prisons of the country, where rights of inmates are not being respected. A serious situation also exists in police stations throughout the country. Only 10 out of 38 police stations meet the minimum European standards”, declared the Ombudsman, Idzet Memeti.

The Ombudsman has launched criticism in relation to the violence used by police against the citizens.

“There was a case where a police officer hit a 14 year old boy in school premises. A similar case occurred in one of the prisons of the country where one inmate has complained of being tortured by the guards in order to claim that he was attacked by other inmates”, Memeti declared. The report also underlines the discrimination made to the citizens in the domain of employment, discrimination of communities, especially the Roma community and discrimination in other domains.

US State Department says that respect of human rights has deteriorated

US State Department 2014 report on human rights, states that human rights are being violated in FYR Macedonia.

Corruption and the lack of respect for human rights are the main problems with FYROM. The report also criticizes the restrictions on the freedom of media, interventions in the judicial system and selective justice.

The report says that politics intervenes in the court system, favors personalities, delays trials, violates judicial procedures and is corrupted.

The report issues negative signals for physical maltreatment of inmates and detainees by police and penitentiary institutions, but also about the bad conditions that exist in prisons and psychiatric institutions.

There are also problems with restrictions in asylum seekers’ rights, domestic violence, discrimination against invalids, Roma community and other ethnic groups and the gay and lesbian community.

Organizations and experts articulate their concerns

Human rights organizations and experts of this field also articulate their concern about the violation of human rights in FYROM.

Expert of legal matters, Osman Kadriu told IBNA that human rights are violated to a great extent in FYROM and according to him, the country has a lot to do.

“Respect of human rights and liberties in Macedonia still remains on paper. The state must make sure that the citizens feel safe. We cannot talk about democracy if we don’t have rights and liberties”, says law professor, Osman Kadriu.

According to him, there are constant violations of human rights, especially in the field of employment, judicial system, police and local government.

Meanwhile, a number of associations have expressed their concerns about these problems with human rights. /ibna/