Greek House Speaker announces the creation of the committee for the audit of the Greek debt

Greek House Speaker announces the creation of the committee for the audit of the Greek debt

Athens, March 18, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The establishment of the Audit Committee of Public Debt announced at a press conference the chairman of the House Life Konstantopoulou. The role of the “Ambassador” of the Committee undertakes SYRIZA MEP Sofia Sakorafa, who was the first to table in Parliament as MP then, the proposal to establish the Audit Committee.

The responsibility for the Commission and the role of international coordinator will have the Belgian Eric Toussaint, who is an expert in the audit of countries’ debts.

The first official meeting of the Committee is set for April and early June, while the first results obtained will be presented at the International Congress on the debt.

The House Speaker said the loans taken by the country would be attributed to the real purpose for which they were obtained and will check which part disappeared in absentia of the people, which part of the debt is burdensome, hateful and shameful and therefore should not be repaid. “The simplistic narrative that the Greeks owe and must pay, ignores basic principles of international law”, Konstantopoulou stressed.

Toussaint said that his investigation will be extended further back from 2010 and noted that the Committee in cooperation with the Greek Parliament will examine and analyse the conventions of the period before 2010 (armament, Olympics, SIEMENS etc.) that contributed to the increase of the debt.

When asked Konstantopoulou denied that there are differences between the House and the government, because the examining committee on the memorandum, which will probably be deposited during the week, will start from 2010 onwards, while the Audit Committee’s investigation will include previous years.

The Committee is formed by decision of the President of the House, as it exploits the power conferred to her by Article 49 of the Rules, which states that you do not need the consent of the Parliament for the establishment of committees.

The announcement of the House Speaker on the “Composition of a Parliamentary Committee for the audit of the debt” without any previous discussion and resolution of Parliament, even the Presidents Conference, apart from an arbitrary and unilateral action of the president and the government, essentially seeks to legitimize the debt in the consciousness of the people, splitting it into “good” and “bad.” And ultimately to load the debt to the people, who are not responsible for its creation and enlargement, commented the Parliamentary Group of the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

Indeed, accusing the government and the President of the House for disorientation games, asks to come “directly in the House the agreement signed by the Government with the EU, ECB and IMF, and there for everyone to take their share of responsibility”.

“Over the many major problems the country has had, it gained a new one, the House Speaker”, commented PASOK.

As mentioned in their announcement, the new television personal show of Ms President today concerned the “audit committee of the debt”.

“With ‘ambassador’ and a foreign consultant, but without knowledge of the House, without legal basis, in clear violation of the Rules and in contrast with the current policy of the government, whose competence belong to these issues. Do Tsipras and the PG of SYRIZA realize what they are breeding?”, the announcement of PASOK concludes.