Commission warns Slovenia for not complying with EU regulations

Commission warns Slovenia for not complying with EU regulations


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos –

Slovenia has received three warnings from the European Commission due to the non-compliance with the EU regulations on geological storage of carbon dioxide, on storage of metallic mercury considered as waste, and on fake drugs.

The Commission called on Slovenia and five other member states in its latest infringements package, published on Wednesday, to adopt measures to fully transpose the directive on the geological storage of CO2, called the CCS directive.

The CCS directive was adopted as part of the climate-energy package in 2009. It establishes a legal framework and removes legal barriers for the environmentally safe geological storage of CO2 and sets the requirements covering the entire lifetime of a storage site.

Furthermore, Slovenia was urged along Italy and Romania to “send details about how EU legislation on the storage of metallic mercury considered as waste is being enacted in their domestic law”.

This is a second warning related to storage of metallic mercury, after which the Commission can refer the case to the EU Court of Justice if Slovenia fails to act within two months.

The Ministry of Agriculture told the STA that Slovenia had already transposed a majority of the CCS directive in 2011 and 2012.

It added that the violation will be eliminated completely with the latest changes to the environment protection act, which will enter into force on Saturday.

The directive on storage of metallic mercury will meanwhile be completely transposed with a decree on waste landfills, which is expected to be adopted by the government at the beginning of 2014.

The European Commission has also sent a formal request to Slovenia and three other EU members urging them to ensure full compliance with the directive on falsified medicines. This is also a second warning.

Source: Slovenia Times