Commercial exchanges in Balkan countries exempted of several taxes

Commercial exchanges in Balkan countries exempted of several taxes

Tirana, 6 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

As of September, commercial exchanges between Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, FYROM and Croatia will enjoy more freedoms and will be exempted of several taxes.

This was a proposal of PM Edi Rama in the Summit of Paris for Western Balkans. The six Balkan countries mentioned above have Albania’s proposal for the facilitation of commercial exchanges.

Mr. Rama says that he’s happy that the action plan for the lifting of non-charging barriers and maximum facilitation of trade and transport between countries of Western Balkan.

“I’m glad that Albania’s proposal was supported along with the work done with several other governments with the support of the World Bank offices for an action plan to remove non-charging barriers and offer maximum trade and transport facilities between our countries”.

Currently, Tirana is applying this practice with Pristina, in order to push economic cooperation forward.

Mr. Rama says it is this experience that encouraged the new plan: “It is a plan that we have proposed based on the very positive experience between Albania and Kosovo. It is a plan which has been embraced immediately by the Serb government and other governments and we are getting ready to launch it together in September. This plan will have a positive impact in joint increase of trade volumes in the region and without any doubt, in the economic growth of the countries of the region”, says PM Edi Rama. /