Commander of Serbian Gendarmerie to be sacked

Commander of Serbian Gendarmerie to be sacked


By Miloš Mitrović – Belgrade

Ivica Dačić, Serbian Prime Minister, which is in charge for the Interior Ministry, had announced that he would approve the demand for the dismissal of the Gendarmerie commander Bratislav Dikić. Dačić declined to explain the reasons for the dismissal. Earlier on Tuesday Director of the Serbian police Milorad Veljović requested Dikić to be sacked because of the double homicide committed by the member of the Gendarmerie.

“I have demanded dismissal for monstrous murders committed near Rekovac”. The town is situated in the central Serbia, 164 kilometers from Belgrade. “The perpetrator does not represent the Interior Ministry, or the Gendarmerie. He is degenerate in our country”, Veljović said. “Enough is enough”, he explained his motivation for the dismissal request.

Two young men were killed and burned in the car on Monday. Aleksandar Krstić, member of the Gendarmerie, is suspected for the committed crime.

Nevertheless, Bratislav Dikić said for B92 Television that the “real motive” for his dismissal was “completely unclear”. “Citizens of Serbia, brothers and sisters, it is obvious that somebody does not like my old Serbian manners and my Serbian identity in Serbia, our country. But the time will come for the change”.

Dikić said that he was not “officially informed” about his dismissal. He emphasized that recently Veljović had praised his command over the Gendarmerie and that his superiors were raising his salary every month due to his “extraordinary work”.

“I will not allow to anyone, including the Director of the police, to disrespect my merits and my professionalism that was affirmed during the 23 years long police career. Today, Director said regarding the murders that the absolute liability and culpability are the same. From that point of view, we are both responsible”, Dikić stressed.

Bratislav Dikić was appointed for the Gendarmerie commander in June 2009. His officially remarkable career had been followed by the scandals in the recent years. In the numerous media reports, Dikić had been associated with the cases of racketeering, blackmailing, usury, illegal eavesdropping and kill lists.

Dikić allegedly intended to transform Gendarmerie into the new Unit for Special Operations (a. k. a. “Red Berets”). “Red Berets” was the elite special police unit of the State Security Service. The unit was disbanded in March 2003, after the Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy in which some members of the unit, including the commander Milorad Ulemek Legija were involved. Legija was sentenced three times to a maximum penalty of 40 years for the assassination of Đinđić, as well as for the other crimes.

Allegedly, the gendarmes gave Dikić nickname “Little Legija”. In June 2012 Dikić had declaimed the oath of the Gendarmes that suggest their aim is the liberation of Kosovo. Top Serbian officials and foreign diplomats attended the ceremony. Dikić wrote the oath himself