A closed door forum in Vienna for the future of Europe

A closed door forum in Vienna for the future of Europe

A closed door forum was held today in the Austrian capita, Vienna, with the participation of ministers of Foreign Affairs and ministers of Integration of the EU associate member countries and several EU member countries.

In the forum “Future of Europe, new perspectives”, which saw the participation of around 24 ministers from all of Europe, both sessions were closed for the media. Present in the forum hosted by the Austrian Foreign Ministry was also the Albanian Integration Minister, Klajda Gjosha.

After the forum, none of the two Albanian ministers issued any declarations in relation to the forum, as the talks were held without the presence of the media.

IBNA learned that the 24 ministers discussed on the challenges that Europe faces, especially after Brexit.

Euro skepticism, the policy of the enlargement of the European Union, the refugee crisis, the different economic problems, were the main topics of discussion during this forum.

Asked by IBNA, an official of the ministry of Integration said that “the finding of the best solutions to strengthen the Union, by serving to the European Project was the scope of this forum, where the ministers exchanged their points of view and possible alternatives to overcome challenges and above all, to boost the confidence of European citizens in the EU”. /balkaneu.com/