Close your mouths, we are suffocating

Close your mouths, we are suffocating

Erol Rizaov

The thing that all reasonable people thought, and for which the court inquiry needed evidence, began to unfold in court. Testimonies of the crimes on April 27 2017 come to light as the undercover organization under Nikola Gruevski’s directives from Vienna worked to its perpetrators and preparations for the presidential residence of Gjorge Ivanov in Vodno for declaring a state of emergency in the country, to prevent the shift of power. A classic coup attempt. And while the bloodthirsty violence in the parliament, in order to prevent the forming of a new government, is starting to unfold, one of the shameful dates in the history of independent Macedonia, the successor of the erupted tyranny, Hristijan Mickoski, is organizing similar protests as before the intrusion in Parliament last year, but this time in defense of the country’s name, against air pollution and against poverty.

The biggest pollution of the human environment and the greatest danger to the health of people in Macedonia are not the wood stoves and charcoal, which burn a mountain-worth of trees above the ground and underground each year. It’s not cars and outdated vehicles that roll in the streets like coffins emitting poisonous clouds. It’s not the factory chimneys that release deadly clouds, nor are the urban monsters of the construction mafia that have stopped the winds coming from the mountains. It’s not even the missing rivers and wells whose waters poured into the pipes to make money from electricity, not the dried-up springs and wells whose waters end up in supermarkets arranged in bottles, it’s not even the wastewater and sewerage, and all our messes that end up in our above ground and underground rivers and lakes, pearls of the Balkans, and watering our widely known paradise gardens with the most beautiful vegetables and fruits in the world, a very healthy food with which you won’t die as quickly, yet step by step. It’s not the illegal dumpsites that, when united in one, can make a decent garbage container out of Macedonia with the biggest septic tank in the Balkans. Even global warming is not so terrifying that cannot greatly affect our people with acquired natural immunity from all of the foreign poisons and scabs. All these poisons and toxins collected together are not nearly as dangerous as the mouths that produce immense amounts of lies that paralyze the human brain almost painlessly and do not allow it to think. The lies are suffocating Macedonia like no other pollution. The attempts to prevent Macedonia from becoming a member of the EU and NATO are the biggest pollution of the human environment and the most dangerous poisoning of the people’s health. They are also responsible for the unbearable poverty caused by a decade of robbery. The protests organized by VMRO-DPMNE have the sole purpose of saving the organizers from responsibility in the coup attempt on April 27, because all testimonies point to Nikola Gruevski and Gjorge Ivanov.

Those who did not extinguish a single source of poisons, and opened hundreds of new ones, who handed out permits to the forest mafia along with ballots for the devastation of the mountains, those who didn’t only build monsters of buildings, but also stopped the winds and hid the sun, they surrounded the rivers and emptied the lakes, everything that they touched, they stained and robbed and ate… Just so they can now call for protests against pollution, that is, against the polluters who took their places and who failed in two years to close their gas chamber, those same people that a concentration camp out of Macedonia in the past 11 years. The successor of the emperor, an educated man who got his master’s degree in Germany, got his doctorate in Italy, says 1,300 people a year in Macedonia die as a result of the pollution. The vain Hristijan Mickoski calculated that in less than 2 years, 2,600 citizens have died, people who were not resistant to poisons emitted by the new government. The autopsy showed that all those who died in these past two years of polluted air were patriots and members of his party because they had previously lived with clean air for more than a decade and now had lost their immunity.

In their era of governance and air control, people did not die of polluted air, just of tuberculosis. For a decade, the rapid development that our nation has never seen before, as well as the world out of fear not to jeopardize the overwhelming happiness and beauty of domestic traitors and foreign enemies, they died, disappeared without a trace, and half a million people fled from the country, which is a world champion in reform and a favorable ambience that the godfathers that specialized in Sicily and Calabria called it with an amazing name – business climate. This climate, Saharan during daytime, and a Siberian climate at night, devastated the country to horrifying poverty. Billions and billions of euros, or something more than 20 billion euros, legal money from the state treasury, the citizens’ money, was wasted on the will and mercy of the emperor who now lives as an asylum seeker in the palace of his counterpart in Budapest. So much for the legally collected and spent money with decrees of a person. What kind of power is to spend over 20 billion euros in one decade, money of the poorest citizens in Europe, it cannot even be calculated by the crown prince physicist.

Thus we received a tyrant who gives out salaries, pensions, medicines, gives out apartments, builds palaces, monuments, museums and garages, panoramic wheels and carousels, trees, ancient ships and galleys in the river Vardar, and princes and bishops were appointed with his blessing. And this is just the legally wasted. And what we still haven’t found out, hidden in the cave of Ali Baba and his 40 thieves, what has been taken for free and robbed, this is yet to be the big bomb whose slow-burning fuse has not yet caused the atomic explosion.

And now his deputy and candidate for a forced governor and for the restoration of the kingdom call us to protest against the poverty that is one hundred times faster than the speed that the thieves from the top of VMRO-DPMNE have made themselves rich. The protests and marches organized by Hristijan Mickoski are nothing but popular games for the return of tyranny. Therefore, a righteous judicial epilogue for the organization and the organizers of the coup on April 27th 2017, is the most significant thing in the post-independence period of Macedonia.

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