Clashes between the President and the Government culminate in Albania

Clashes between the President and the Government culminate in Albania

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, February 13, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, President and majority have been involved in a strong debate and accusations have been exchanged between them in the recent hours. What’s regretful is the fact that the level of attacks has degraded in the involvement of the family members of high officials in this debate.

By Edison Kurani

The vice chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla is one of the socialist MPs who confronts in parliament, even physically. The strongest clashes have been with the democrat MP, Sali Berisha (photo).

berisha ibna

These two MPs have exchanged some of the most extreme accusations, especially Berisha when he was prime minister. These accusations have never been proved and among these accusations is also the one articulated by Berisha according to which, Balla suffers from AIDS after he had raped a woman.

In yesterday’s parliamentary session too, which was accompanied with many accusations, Balla (photo) was energetic. He attacked the opposition in general and the former PM in particular.

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Balla accused Berisha of having ties with crime and of ordering criminals to commit crimes. “You must urgently distance yourself from criminal and terrorist elements that you give orders to on the phone. You must know that you’re the man who spiritually and through other ways, inspire criminal elements who want to create a situation of terror in the country”.

Balla’s attacks also included accusations against President Bujar Nishani, including the presidential family.

Mr. Balla mentioned the case of a catholic church in Elbasan, whose land is being returned to the owners upon the court decision. Balla alluded that among the owners of the land is also the family of the First Lady and he hasn’t spared political attacks against the President and opposition.

“How is it possible that the President doesn’t talk? For as long as the President doesn’t talk and doesn’t offer explanations, that Karaosmani family is his wife’s family, you are politically discredited as an opposition! When the property of a church is taken to be given to one of your soldiers, you don’t speak out”.

Balla’s declaration led to a strong reaction by the president. He called them political attacks and vulgar insults “orchestrated by the prime minister of the country against the head of the Albanian state inside the Albanian parliament”.

The president (photo) says that it’s been almost two years that he’s subject to “ a campaign of insults, defamation, threats and blackmail, orchestrated and ordered by the head of the government”.

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He considers this as “a Jacobine practice, never heard of in this country, where the violence of the people in power insults, threatens, blackmails the family, the children and the life of the President of Republic and this is unimaginable in a normal country”.

For Florian Nuri (photo), General Secretary of the President, the “attacks against the president and his family” are strategic: “For a simple reason. The Prime Minister cannot put the President of Republic under control”.

He considers the declarations issued in parliament as lowly declarations. “Lowly and denigrating defamation ordered by the Prime Minister of the country in parliament, come as a revenge against the institutional positioning of the President who defends the Constitution and the dignity of Albanians”.

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The Presidency has a message for the majority: “They will not be able to desecrate the Institution of the Head of the State. Violence will never prevail over the dignity of the state. Authoritarianism cannot defeat freedom and democracy which Albanians earned after great sufferings and sacrifices”.


Between the President of Republic elected by today’s opposition and a part of the current majority, there have often been clashes. Their source has mainly related to powers, appointment of judges and the refusal to decree several laws.


The strong clashes between the government and president are also commented by the former speaker of Parliament, Kastriot Islami (photo). He says that institutions must be cleansed of criminal elements, while senior officials must undergo the drug test.

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“After the debate in parliament, I have not the least doubt that without the decriminalization of parliament, Police and Public Administration and without the Drug Test being done on the Prime Minister, ministers, MPs, senior heads of Constitutional Institutions in the country, senior officials of the public administration, there’s no chance for the situation in the country to improve as far as crime, gangster like behavior, corruption, poverty and economic-social situation are concerned”.

Dr. Islami is not optimistic about the decriminalization of parliament although there’s an agreement between the government and opposition, monitored by the EU. “The path of decriminalization through institutional actions in Parliament seems hopeless, because after Rama installed the interests of oligarchy, he has recently usurped the justice system and is trying to eliminate the opposition and every opposing thought. He has even threatened with imprisonment, like he has done so far by terrorizing common people for their electricity bills, for unlawful constructions, doctors and teachers with their tests, prosecutors and judges through phone calls, businessmen and foreign investors”.

Yesterday, the prime minister said that defamation would turn into a criminal act upon the government’s incentive. He said that this challenge will start with a criminal lawsuit against two opposition MPs, Arben Ristani, secretary general of the DP and Edi Paloka, head of the DP parliamentary group. /ibna/