Clashes between criminal gangs in Tirana, one killed and five wounded

Clashes between criminal gangs in Tirana, one killed and five wounded

IBNA Special Report/Two attempts connected with each other shock the capital in a rush hour. A police officer seriously wounded, he remains under hospital arrest

Tirana, January 6, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Two murder attempts shocked Tirana last evening. These were well organized crimes that aimed at physically eliminating several persons who had close social links with each other and who are known for their police files. In the first event, one person remained killed and three others remained wounded, among whom a police officer who is in the hospital in a critical state.

In the second case, two other people were wounded.

It seems that everything was well organized, but nothing went according to plans. A part of the people who were part of the attempt, were ambushed at the center of Tirana, but during this fire exchange, one of the perpetrators remained killed.

The second attempt saw the attack of the rest of the targeted persons, but none of them remained killed.

Police talks about a gang war, as the majority of people involved in these two attempts, had criminal convictions.

The attempt at the center of Tirana

Around 7.40 PM, Arjanit Sterio, 42, resident in the capital, was killed as a result of the exchange of fire in the Street of Kavaja in Tirana.

The victim, who was masked, was found dead. He attempted to kill the citizen: Pajtim Serjani, 32, Denis Ramani, 28, Ditmir Reci, 33 and Roland Meta, 37. The latter was police officer of the Special Operation Unit.

Initially, it was Pajtim Serjani who was wounded and then taken to Tirana University Hospital.

Meanwhile, police officer Roland Meta intervened during this exchange of fire. After this, the attack continued and led to the murder of the suspected perpetrator, Arjanit Sterio and to the serious wounding of police officer, Roland Meta.

Following a detailed analysis of his actions and lack of action, authorities arrested officer Roland Meta and put him under hospital arrest.

On the scene, police found shells from three different weapons. Officially, it has not been confirmed as to who killed the masked perpetrator.

The scene is surrounded by several bars and gun shots caused panic among many people.

Another attack in the suburbs of Tirana

While in the center of the capital there was an armed clash going on, two cars were following two other people. Official sources from the Unit against Terrorist Acts at the police of Tirana, told IBNA that a murder attempt took place in the road that links the capital with the only international airport of the country, against Emiljano Shullazi (photo) and Gilmando Dani. The two men were traveling on a car when they were attacked with guns.

The shots led to the wounding of Emiljano Shullazi and Gilmando Dani, both 36 years of age, who are under medical care.

The event took place in the only road that leads to the airport, which is also a congested area and where there was an atmosphere of panic.


In the near past, several years ago, the persons involved in last evening’s event are well known to police. Shullazi has been arrested several times and suffered short sentences for different criminal offenses.

Dani had been arrested for drug traffic several years ago, while he remained wounded in 2011 following a murder attempt. Seriani too remained wounded in 2012 in another attempt. /ibna/